GeoVisual Analytics


GeoVisual Analytics has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based computer vision technology to enable fresh vegetable and fruit producers to know when and where to harvest, optimizing profitability and reducing costs. This helpssolve the fresh produce farmer’s fundamental problem of balancing crop supply with customer demand in spite of variability in weather, pests, weeds and disease. Using routine monitoring of fields with airplanes, drones, and mobile phones, GeoVisual applies its AI algorithms to analyze crop maturity, health, and predicted yields. They have a partnership in place with Taylor Farms, the world’s largest producer of cut vegetables and salads, and some matching non-dilutive funds from NASA and Colorado’s OEDIT Advanced Industries program.

GeoVisual presented at Rockies Venture Club’s Colorado Capital Conference 2016, and a full due diligence report has since been completed with RVC. The company has made some changes to the team and to their overall traction since publication, so the linked report below will be updated soon.

GeoVisual is formulating a strategic partnership with Aeroptic, a subsidiary of publicly owned Defense and GeoSpatial company KeyW. They will be collaborating on a Demo Project in the Salinas Valley from July 1st to September 30th that will focus on capturing high-resolution aerial imagery. This 3 months of data will be valuable in allowing GeoVisual to provide in-field validation reports and weather pattern mapping for growers. During the project, growers will receive a weekly report with this data outlined. 


GeoVisual met their initial close on 7/31/2017, exceeding their minimum raise to close and put funds to use. The deal will remain open for RVC investors through the end of October 2017. As of 10/21/2017, GeoVisual has raised $560k of their target $500k, so the deal will be reaching a final close on 10/31/2017.

Due Diligence Materials:

  1. GeoVisual Analytics RVC Due Diligence Report – Updated 08/08/2017, Originally Published 04/05/2017
  2. GeoVisual Deep Dive Video– 02/01/2017 at FVC Mesh, Fort Collins
  3. GeoVisual Deep Dive # 2 Video– 06/15/2017 at Thrive Cherry Creek, Denver
  4. GeoVisual Investor Pitch Deck – Updated 10/21/2017
  5. GeoVisual Analytics Final Term Sheet – Updated 07/11/2017
  6. GeoVisual Pre and Post-Money Cap Table