P2B Investor


P2B Investor (P2Bi) has developed an innovative peer to peer lending program backed by commercial accounts receivable and facilitated by P2Bi’s world class technology platform. They have been growing at a remarkable rate and RVC’s first investors in this deal in 2013 are already seeing a 5X paper return on their investment. The company closed their fiscal year in March 2017 achieving their 4th consecutive revenue-generating fiscal year in which they doubled in revenue from the year prior. They also just closed July 2017 with their best month in history in terms of originations on their platform.

P2Bi has gone through recent changes to their staff and board, trimming the headcount from 32 in March 2017 to 20 as of August 2017. The P2Bi leadership has indicated that the correction in headcount is simply a reset to better manage monthly burn and realign management. They intend to bring on new management team members this fall and have headcount back up to 30 by March 2018.