Sitteris an app that allows parents to book and pay their own babysitters and find new sitters through friends. Recognized as a top babysitting app nationwide, Sitter is solving an age-old problem in a new, bold way. Sitter makes it easier for parents to find new babysitters by tapping into their trusted network by enabling them to book the sitters they already know more efficiently.

Sitter currently has over 30,000 users on its platform, with roughly a 60 : 40 split between sitters and parents represented on the platform. They have national presence with users across the country, though marketing efforts have mainly focused on Colorado markets thus far. Sitter was recently accepted into the latest Techstars Boulder program, starting January 2017.

The company recently presented at RVC’s 2016 Colorado Capital Conference, receiving the 1st place Venture Bucks award from the audience and the highest level of investor interest among 8 companies that pitched. RVC has since completed a full due diligence report, negotiated a final term sheet, and this is now an open deal-in-play.

The company’s target is to close this deal by January 31, 2017, as they enter into the next cohort at Techstars Boulder at that time. RVC investors have a minimum of $250k reserved for them, as negotiated with the company. Review the deal materials below and sign the Sitter Investment Group LLC operating agreement if you would like to invest.

Due Diligence Materials:

  1. RVC Due Diligence Report for Sitter– published 12/17/2016
  2. RVC Investor Response Report from Colorado Capital Conference– 11/16/2016
  3. Sitter Pitch Deck: 11/16/2016 (Colorado Capital Conference)
  4. Sitter Pitch Video: 11/16/2016 (Colorado Capital Conference)
  5. Sitter Final Term Sheet:Finalized 11/30/2016
  6. Sitter Investor Deep Dive Video: 01/10/2017