The Rockies Venture Fund is an Angel Stage co-investment Fund with a focus on seed investments in Colorado growth companies. The Fund focuses on companies that have early exit potential, but will reserve 50% of the Fund for follow-on. The life-cycle of the Fund anticipates complete liquidation within ten years or less. The total Fund size is expected to be between $5 million and $10 million with an investor mix of angel and institutional investors.

A co-investment, or “sidecar” fund, the Rockies Venture Fund will be investing alongside angel investors who participate in evaluating deals and bringing expertise from many sectors, ranging from software development and marketing to health care. While the Rockies Venture Fund does its own screening, due diligence and deal negotiation, it shall only invest when angel investors have jumped in with “skin in the game.”

Co-Investment increases the fund’s chances for success beyond what even a highly experienced and successful management board can offer by bringing in multiple viewpoints and experiences to evaluate the deal and validate the decision by investing their own money. The Rockies Venture Fund cannot invest without at least three angels participating in the deal, but it retains the right not to invest if the investment does not fit the fund’s high standards. The angels co-investing in the deal may be members of Rockies Venture Club, other angel groups, or independent angels investing on their own.

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